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About me

Hello! My name is Gael and I am a game designer. I love making story rich games and designing game mechanics and narratives where the player can get fully immersed and have a blast while playing!  I started my game developer journey back in 2017 and in this website you can have a little peek of how it’s going. 

You can check out my blog below and read about what I’m doing now!

Also, it will make me very happy if you connect with me!

Nice to meet you! 😀

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The Mushy Goddesses

Long time ago, four goddesses sisters, Milios, Alo, Biton and Nalous, where travelling around the world. One day they arrived to a beautiful island and they decided to call it...

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Welcome to!

I’m very glad that you landed in this corner of Internet! 😀 This is my personal blog where I’ll share with you my journey as…

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